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Vision:The department strives to import professional, personal and social skills for all round development of a technical graduate.

Mission:To provide an environment most conductive to learning and to create a stimulating intellectual atmosphere in the campus.

Contact: 0866-2428399 Ext: 307

About the Department:

                  The department of Basic Engineering Sciences and Humanities (S&H) was started in the month of August 2007. It is the department which is Pivotal to all the Engineering disciplines. Now the department is running with five branches with an intake of 660 at U G Level.  The department includes Electrical & Electronics Engineering (120), Electronics & Communication Engineering (180), Computer Science & Engineering (120) and Civil Engineering (120), Mechanical Engineering (120), Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DEEE), 60 seats of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME).    

                   The objective of the department is to provide the basics to all Engineering students for their professional progress in their core subjects by providing a proper link between theoretical way of learning and application oriented technical education. The department enables the students by providing proper inputs which can stand as a backbone throughout their professional career. The subjects of the department like Applied and Engineering Physics, Mathematics are useful to the students for improving their logical and analytical way of application of their knowledge, which is an essential aspect of technical education.

                  The department also provides the students with proper communication skills and social skills through English Language. English Language Laboratory and subject which imparts the students necessary skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing [LSRW], besides this the subject also provides suitable employability skills for the Global survival of Technical students. Engineering Chemistry lab impart the students to get practical knowledge about usage of chemicals and precautionary methods and Environmental problems.

 Departments under S&H:

Department of English:

Department of Mathematics:

Department of Physics:

Department of Chemistry & Environmental Science:


             From the starting year, department has been achieving honourable results at district and university levels. In the year 2009-2010 the department achieved highest results in all branches as mentioned below. In this direction, ASIST stood 3rd Position at District level and 14th Position at University level among 222 Engineering colleges under JNTU Kakinada

Department Activities:

  • In order to create Continuous learning environment in the department, the department has organized Orientation Programme in the month of July-2012 for all faculty members.
  • The department was instrumental in bringing the first issue of College News letter SRUJANA in the month of sept. 2012
  • The English department has started e-plus club in collaboration with the English News paper The Hindu to encourage the students to develop their communication skills.
  • The English department has started a literary club, to conduct competitions among students like Debate, Extempore, Essay writings, seminars, Group Discussions etc, for the enhancement of communication skills.
  • The department has started workshops/Guest Lectures / Seminars on each subject for the All 1 B.Tech students at intra and inters college level to enhance their skills in subject from the A.Y:2014-15.

Highlights of the department:

  • Started B.Tech Programme in the academic year 2007-2008 with an intake of 240, sixty in each branch, now the dept is having 660 intakes.
  • The strength of the department gradually increased both at student and faculty level.
  • Providing sufficient skills both at Scientific and Social levels for young technocrats.
  • To Improving the performance of the newly joined faculty by conducting Orientation classes.
  • Providing guidance and motivation by Principal and other senior lecturers of the department.
  • Maintaining state of art laboratories as per norms with advanced equipment.
  • Advanced levels of teaching methods by faculty for motivating young graduates. Conducting remedial classes to the backlog students.
  • Sufficient and advanced software for students in multimedia language laboratories for improving their communication skills.
  • All the faculty members of the department constantly upgrading their knowledge for proper enrichment of their teaching methodology.
  • Conducting counseling by appointing counselors to motivate and know the problems and also for extracting the better performance of the students.
  • Maintain proper classroom administration [Academic] through class in- charges. These In-charges used to collect feedback from the students for taking proper solutions regarding their problems.
  • Encouraging the students both in academics and extra academic activities.

Sri D. Pavan Kumar

HOD, Science & Humanities

Staff List

S.NoName of the FacultyQualificationDesignation
1Dr S Vijaya VardhaniM Sc,Ph.DProfessor
2Dr P. Durga BhavaniMsc,M Tech,PhDProfessor
3Dr. K.V. SatishM A, Ph.DProfessor
4Dr. M.V. Rama Chandra RaoM Sc, Ph.DProfessor
5Dr M SrinivasPh.DProfessor
6Dr SK Mahamad Arafath Ph.DProfessor
7Sri P. Kiran KumarM.Sc, MAAssoc.Professor
8Ms G K DeepthiM.Sc, M PhilAssoc.Professor
9Sri G.Pavan Venkata KumarM Sc, M PhilAssoc.Professor
10Sri D N V S K PavanM.Sc,M PhilAssoc.Professor
11Sri B Muralimohana RaoM.ScAssoc.Professor
12Sri K BalajiM.A Assoc.Professor
13Sri. G. Lova KrishnaM.AAssoc.Professor
14Sri D.Pavan KumarM.Sc, M.PhilAssoc.Professor
15Sri D.BalajiM ScAssoc.Professor
16Sri T Koteswara RaoM ScAssoc.Professor
17Dr CH Saloman SudheerMPED,PhDAssoc.Professor
18Sri T Srinivasa RaoM ScAssoc.Professor
19Sri P Srinivasa ReddyM ScAssoc.Professor
20Sri E Taraka RamuduM.ScAssoc.Professor
21Sri. M. NatarajM ScAsst.Professor
22Ms B BhargaviM ScAsst.Professor
23Sri K. AnjaneyuluM ScAsst.Professor
24Sri M Ravi BabuM.ScAsst.Professor
25Ms P Hima BinduM.ScAsst.Professor
26Sri. V Papa RaoM.ScAsst.Professor
27Ms Md.NasirunnisaM.ScAsst.Professor
28Sri Y V S Vara prasadM.ScAsst.Professor
29Ms K Naga ManiM.ScAsst.Professor
30Ms SD Ashrath ParveenaM.AAsst.Professor
32Ms P SripriyaM.ScAsst.Professor
33Ms S SujathaM.ScAsst.Professor
34Sri S Naga RajuM.ScAsst.Professor
35Sri K Venkata RamanaM.ScAsst.Professor
36Sri Mohammad MerajM.ScAsst.Professor
37Sri B Bhaskara RaoM.ScAsst.Professor
38Sri M Ram BabuM.ScAsst.Professor
39Sri K Appa RaoM.Li.ScAsst.Professor
40Sri P Srinivasa RaoMPEDAsst.Professor
41Sri J RajuM.ScAsst.Professor
42Sri M J S N RajuM.ScAsst.Professor
43Ms M S PrathyushaM.AAsst.Professor
44Ms Ch JyothiM.ScAsst.Professor
45Sri B Raghavendra RaoM.ScAsst.Professor



Name of the faculty

Title o f the paper

Name of journal



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Assoc. Professor in Mathematics

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Assoc. Professor in Physics

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M. Chiranjeevi

Assistant Professor

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Dr. S.Md. Arafath

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Assoc. Professor in Physics

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Dr. S.Md. Arafath

Assoc. Professor in Physics

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Assoc. Professor in Physics

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G. Lova Krishna

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Assoc. Professor in Mathematics

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Science & Humanities Labs

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